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"In This Changes Everything, Christina Robb, a former Globe staffer, has recounted, in magnificent manner, the evolution of relational psychology and with it the transformation of contemporary psychological theory and practice.... The work of the women who have given us such volumes as Trauma and Recovery, A Different Voice, and Toward A New Psychology of Women has profoundly altered the way we think about one another, ourselves, and ultimately the very meaning of self and other."

- The Boston Globe

“Robb describes theory without didacticism, disentangles misperceptions without condescension, and makes powerful political statements without rancor. Her book an example of what happens when women have ‘a chance to know themselves and to be known, not only for what they could be if they acted just like men but also for the culture they carried as women...the intense, emotionally connected cooperation and creativity necessary for human life and growth.’”
– Oprah Magazine

"This Changes Everything is full of such intriguing details; Robb meticulously documents the process by which an insight grows into a school of thought.”
– The New York Times

"Growing out of the civil rights and women's movement, 'relational psychology focuses on the politics of gender - and eventually race, class, and sexual orientation, the politics of difference' explains Robb.... At its core, writes Robb, lies the idea that 'the personal is political, and the political is psychological.'"

- Washington Post Book World

"From the perspective of journalist, storyteller, cultural historian, member of academic and professional seminars, Ms. Robb offers up personal encounters, interviews, observations, and reams of literature reviews. She lets us hear of the sexist attacks received by researchers at places like Harvard and the University of Chicago, where their work is regularly debunked - one researcher was actually told that it makes little sense to study women. She reviews the investigation of her cherished scholars, of patients, school girls, mothers, professional women, and reminds the reader of the limitations of male dominated psychological reasoning, the very reasoning that caused Freud himself to completely miss the reality of child abuse and its enduring consequences."
- Thomas J. Cottle, Professor of Educationn at Boston University, and author of When the Music Stopped: Discovering My Mother.

"We are repeatedly reminded in this book to listen, to not know, and to care. The context, the relationship, is the center of healing and learning. This is a book that contains great wisdom. It is well written and extremely accessible. Carol Gilligan, Jean Baker Miller, and Judith Lewis Herman demonstrate great courage in their clinical and academic work. The benefits we have received from them, their colleagues, students and patients are immense."

- Psychiatric Services, a journal of the AAmerican Psychiatric Association

"Tells the story of a group of psychologists who first identified relationships rather than self as the foundation of psychologial and physical states."

- Chicago Tribune

“...A celebratory history of the pioneering women psychologists who in the ‘70s began to challenge traditional concepts of the self and of women’s psychological ‘deficiencies,’....These women dramatically revised notions of childhood development, incest, posttraumatic stress and sexual pleasure. Drawing on interviews, Robb mingles her subjects’ personal and professional histories with case histories that illustrate their theories, and with the commentaries of other experts in related fields....a must-read for all those interested in the field of women’s psychology."

– Publishers Weekly

“It is deliciously appropriate that in reading this fascinating account about relational psychology, you will become intimately connected with the psychologists who developed the field. This Changes Everything movingly and absorbingly describes their struggle to legitimate an entirely new, out-of-the-box way of thinking about human beings. Their work is nothing short of revolutionary: It has had an undeniable impact on politics, feminism, human rights movements, and, of course, personal relationships - literally changing people’s lives. You will learn not only the history of relational psychology but about the very things you need to know to make and sustain fruitful human connections.”

- Leora Tannenbaum, author of Slut! Groowing Up Female With a Bad Reputation and Catfight: Rivalries Among Women

“This Changes Everything provides a long overdue service to three remarkable women whose contributions to our collective understanding of gender, politics and psychology are truly immeasurable. Like many, much of my work is founded on these women’s insights, so it was wonderful to learn about their experiences....”

– Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabees

“Christina Robb turns up the volume on a few quiet women who discovered the missing link between feminist politics and female reality. Their contribution to relational psychology really did ‘change everything’ - and Robb paints an exciting portrait of this paradigm shift.”

– Jennifer Baumgardner, co-author of Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future

“At last we have an erudite and exciting history of the pioneers of relational psychology. Robb’s narrative makes a page-turner of a most unlikely story - a group of feminist academics who changed the world one research paper at a time.”

– Mary Pipher, author of Reviving Ophelia

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